Biomass plants face more delays

Wed, May 5, 2010

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A proposed biomass gas electric plant in Port St. Joe will be delayed by 18 months because of siting difficulties, according to Progress Energy.

Biomass energy supporters say such plants will provide needed renewable energy in Florida. But several projects have been delayed or relocated because of various problems.

The Florida Public Service Commission on Tuesday approved a request by Progress Energy to delay a power purchase agreement with Biomass Gas & Electric. The BG&E; plant won’t be ready now until July 1, 2012, according to Progress Energy. BG&E; on April 13 withdrew its application for a state air permit but says it plans to resubmit one. The 45-megawatt plant is being relocated from Tallahassee where it faced environmental opposition.

In Hamilton County, a proposed Adage LLC plant in Hamilton County is facing a construction delay of possibly up to a year because it hasn’t found someone to sell its power to. A company spokesman said Tuesday the 55-megawatt plant has its state air permit and will be ready to build once a buyer is found.

On Monday, the PSC held an additional public hearing on a proposed 100-megawatt biomass plant in Gainesville proposed by American Renewables. A majority of PSC members in February appeared ready to vote down the plant because of a variety of concerns before they agreed to the city’s request to delay the vote, which now is scheduled for May 27.

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