Crist’s new push for renewable energy leaves some puzzled

By the Florida Tribune

Gov. Charlie Crist keeps saying that he wants to take up renewable energy legislation in a possible special session that would also deal with offshore oil drilling.

‘If ever there was a case made that we need alternative energy it’s the one that out’s in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico right now,” said Crist this week, referring to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. “It seems to me that the opportunity for Florida and America to move to more solar, wind, nuclear and natural gas, other forms of energy is more powerful now than ever before.”

Yet even supporters of renewable energy are questioning what Crist wants to accomplish.

Crist has been saying since May 3 that he wants to hold a special session to take up a constitutional ban on oil drilling and increase renewable energy in Florida.

But he hasn’t been specific about what he wants to do on renewables. And on May 24, he left some renewable energy supporters puzzled when he said he and Senate President Jeff Atwater were concerned “that some might want to raise fees on consumers as it relates to renewables.”

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