“Hometown democracy” opponents raise 30 times more than supporters

The lead group fighting the proposed “Hometown Democracy” amendment collected $4.7 million between April 1 and July 16 compared to $138,573 for the group that put the measure on the ballot in November.

Amendment 4 would require voter approval of changes by cities and counties to comprehensive land use plans. Supporters say the amendment is needed to curb urban sprawl and wrestle the growth decision-making process from control by development interests. Opponents say the amendment will cost jobs, stifle the economic recovery and leave uninformed voters baffled.

Contributions to the opposition group Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy Inc. included $1 million from the Florida Association of Realtors, $567,000 from Pulte Homes Corp. in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., $440,000 from the Florida Chamber of Commerce, $367,000 from the Lennar Family of Builders in Miami, and $200,000 from Florida Power & Light Co.

“One size does not fit all,” said John Sebree, vice president of public policy at Florida Realtors, formerly the Florida Association of Realtors. “This does not belong in the Florida Constitution.”

Florida Hometown Democracy Inc. received $30,000 from Florida Watch Action Inc. in Tallahassee, $35,000 from Steven Rosen of Davie and $11,000 from Floridians for a Sustainable Population, based in Cross City.

“This is the true David and Goliath saga,” said Joyce Tarnow, president of Floridians for a Sustainable Population. “We don’t have that kind of money.”

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5 thoughts on ““Hometown democracy” opponents raise 30 times more than supporters”

  1. Quoting someone from Floridians for a Sustainable Population??? These wing-nuts want to legislate how many kids people can have. We'd all be better off if their parents had exercised the restraint that their self-righteous movement is trying to push on everyone else. Forget personal freedoms, let's let some leftist organization define family for us.

  2. FollowTheRules

    The special interest lawyers behind this cause may have violated campaign finance rules over 70 times!

  3. But how about the other contributors? And how about Amendment 4 itself? Opinions?

  4. Roberta, I'm not sure what you're asking for. A list of contributors? It's fairly long on both sides. If I can find a way to link to it online, I will.

  5. Don't forget that the Amendment 4 campaign has raked in $800,000 from one special interest lawyer. Sounds like a get rich (or richer, as the case may be) quick scheme to me.

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