Quote of the week: “Wacko environmental group … Earthjustice”

“Google this wacko environmental group named Earthjustice and learn a little bit about it. Sorry, I’m speaking honestly.”

Rep. Dave Murzin, R-Pensacola, speaking Wednesday at The Florida Chamber of Commerce “Capitol Days” event in the House chambers.

“In response to our detractors: My short answer is that there is nothing wacky at all about wanting clean water or safe drinking water.”

David Guest, managing attorney in Tallahassee for the nonprofit Earthjustice law firm.

Murzin was referring to proposed nitrogen and phosphorus limits in waterways offered in response to a federal lawsuit filed by Earthjustice.

The firm filed the lawsuit in July 2008 on behalf of the Florida Wildlife Federation, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, the Environmental Confederation of Southwest Florida, the St. John’s Riverkeeper and the Sierra Club.

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