Rep. Murzin slams Pelham again, backs off

From the Daily Wrap by the Florida Tribune, posted at

Rep. Dave Murzin on Wednesday told a Florida Chamber of Commerce audience that he still wants Florida Department of Community Affairs Secretary Tom Pelham to leave state government.

Murzin, R-Pensacola, made headlines last year when, during debate on the SB 360 growth management bill, he said he’d like to see Pelham take a job in the private sector. Pelham had come out in opposition to a House version of SB 360 that Murzin was supporting.

Murzin reminded the Florida Chamber of Commerce “Capitol Days” audience of his remarks last year while adding, “I didn’t actually call for his resignation.”

He continued, “I just said I wanted to find him a job in the private sector. And I still do. If anybody wants to hire a Department of Community Affairs secretary, I think he would do a good job.”

Murzin later called the Florida Tribune to say he’d been “overzealous” in his comments and that he has developed a good working relationship with Pelham since last year.