Crist won’t be signing growth bill today

Stop the presses: Gov. Charlie Crist is not scheduled today to sign SB 360, a controversial bill that which would ease requirements on developers to pay for road improvements in designated “dense” urban counties.

Crist has scheduled events across the state today to sign bills that would provide expedited permitting for developments. SB 360 was inadvertently listed among the bills that would be signed, according to an Associated Press report.

Environmental groups and the Florida Association of Counties had urged the governor not to sign the bill, which was supported by the Florida Home Builders Association.

Crist expressed lukewarm support for the bill this morning, according to media reports.

“It’s hard to get unanimity on any piece of legislation,” the governor said, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

“I think there are some who are concerned about the impact it might have. There are others who are very concerned about the economy and how it might help it.”

Supporters said the bill would encourage development in urban areas where it is needed. Opponents said it would remove state oversight over larger “developments of regional impact” in those counties.

Department of Community Affairs Secretary Tom Pelham had raised concerns about the bill but has not asked for a veto, according to his department.

Crist met with Pelham Wednesday and said he agreed the final bill was “a lot better than some of the other measures that had been headed toward our desk.”